Spiritual Awakening – Courtesy of a Defining Moment

        Some people are born faith-ready.  Mom reciting prayers before bedtime is their first memory of childhood.  Being taught the three Rs in Catholic school; arriving in this country on a Tuesday and having their first outing to Mass on that Sunday; involved in youth groups throughout the teens and young adult years; teaching Sunday school forever; no day can begin or end without a conversation with God.  Some people are born faith-ready.  I am one of those people.  And although my faith has ridden the rollercoaster on many occasions, there has been a constant familiarity with Christ that’s been ever so comforting.  [I owe this to my mother, the true pillar of strength and faith in my family].
  That’s great you may think, to have had that throughout life.  It may even impress you.  I’ll tell you what impresses me.  Those people who go through life for years not being sure where their faith, if any, belongs, and whose behavior denote exactly that.  But who, at a defining moment, courtesy of some other person or some act, see the light, and begin the journey, in the process transforming their life.

        Defining moments, most of us experience them at one point or another.  Could be about a job, a relationship, or could be spiritual.  The latter, the most life changing of all.  This can be eye opening and soul lifting, and most importantly, it can bring eternal life.  We need to understand and not doubt for a moment that we are instruments of God used at times to trigger these defining moments, so it is crucial that we walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  I’ve seen it happen.  Like the guy whose spiritual journey was set in motion because he loved the faith-filled girl he wanted to marry, and then stayed the course because he realized how he needs his God;
and like the friend who embarked on her journey for her children’s benefit, for her own, changing her trajectory and that of her family’s 180 degrees.  We all know people who could use Christ in their lives, praying for them is essential if we want them to recognize Christ and reach their defining moment.  But to lead someone to Christ we must act out our Christian life, and then ultimately trust God for the results.

        At this time when a new year draws near and so many of us look to make a fresh start, whether you were born faith-ready or you’ve been lucky to have already experienced your spiritual defining moment, let’s make our resolution to walk the talk as we never know when God will look to us to come up to the plate and touch someone’s life, setting off that awakening that leads to eternal life.

-by Connie Perez

                                 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13

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