Travel for the Soul: His Beautiful Signature in Captiva Island

        I am not an early riser by choice so it’s no surprise I don’t get to catch many sunrises.  And even though I live on the east coast and I’m a skip and a hop away from the beach, I’ve watched very few of them from the shore.  I rather do the sunset thing, and for that, I drive across the narrow strip of land that Florida is and catch those there.  

        I’ve been visiting the west coast of Florida since my arrival in this country over 35 years ago.  My father was a beach nut and a big fan of the west coast beaches, namely Naples.  So it became our home away from home during the summer.  That tradition continued when I started my own family, and we’ve been at it now for years.  We’ve had the fortune and blessing of being able to travel extensively throughout the United States and abroad, and although my family enjoys those travels, we all agree that there is nothing like a quick getaway to the west coast of Florida where you can relax and watch the most glorious of sunsets.

        Recently, we decided to move our stays from Naples to Captiva Island.  There we discovered the nothing-to-do-ness of the island, and have fallen in love with it.  The following links offer information about this west coast jewel:

Every sunset His beautiful signature.  Captiva Island.

Photo by CCPerez. Copyright © July, 2007 Connie Perez. All rights reserved.

And when the sun dips into the horizon, the magic begins…the blues, oranges, violets…absolutely breathtaking.

Photo by CCPerez. Copyright © July, 2007 Connie Perez. All rights reserved.

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