Flak about Michael Phelps

[Contributed by Barbie Rodriguez]

You know what? I am really, really, REALLY tired of the “I’m only ___ years old.” and “I’m sorry, I used poor judgment” excuses. People are criticizing Kellog’s for dropping Phelps, or rather, not renewing his contract. I say, good for them. He should be dropped from any and all contracts. Yes, he’s young. Big deal. He still knows right from wrong. As to all the brouhaha over his Olympic record. Big whoop. Yeah, great, he’s a great swimmer, sportsman, whatever. Yeah, great, he broke records. IN SWIMMING. Did he cure cancer? No. Did he cure AIDS? No. Come up with plan to end poverty, hunger, homelessness? Achieve world peace? No, no, no and no. Yet still people made a “hero” out of him. Looked up to him. For swimming. You know who the real hero is? The captain who landed his plane in the Hudson, kept his cool, saved ALL lives on board and has kept a low profile and humble demeanor throughout all the hoopla surrounding him. The real heroes are those that keep their families together, their priorities strong and trudge through day after day, paying the bills, taking care of their families, sometimes under the grimmest of circumstances. Those are the real heroes. People who devote their lives to sports and go to the Olympics? Yeah, they are great athletes, but should they be put on a pedestal and get a bazillion dollars in promotional contracts? Not in my book. It’s time for people to start taking responsibility for their actions. And stop using the “I’m young, I’m sorry, I used poor judgment” excuses. Get real. Grow up. Face the facts. People are living under bridges, children are going hungry, the sick are going untreated, the elderly are being mistreated. Why don’t people get as outraged over these facts as they do over the fact that Phelps got canned by Kellogg’s? How skewed are our priorities? Michael Phelps, a fallen hero? Oh, please!



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