Travel for the Soul: Bimini

        We love the beach and have been fortunate enough to visit some awesome beaches in our lifetime.  In keeping with my “Travel for the Soul” series, here are some pictures and information about a beach spot we recently enjoyed, in case you want to plan a little R&R trip over there.

Bimini, Bahamas:

A quiet escape to empty beaches.

Photo by CCPerez. Copyright © June, 2009 Connie Perez. All rights reserved.

Bimini, mostly known for its fishing and diving, is one of the out islands of The Bahamas, made up of two small islands located just 60 miles east of Miami, Florida.  North Bimini is a 7-mile island of about 1,600 residents, which you can travel by bicycle or golf cart.  The main road, Kings Highway, is where you’ll find the handful of shops, hotels and restaurants. Queen’s highway follows the east coast along its beaches.  South Bimini is where the airport is located, and has just recently started to see development.  The best way to get to Bimini up until 2007 was Chalk’s Airways, but the seaplanes are no longer operational.  You can fly Continental Airlines from Fort Lauderdale, or charter a plane from Miami.

We were taken aback some by the island’s deteriorating condition and the poor living conditions of some of its residents, as is the case in most of the Caribbean islands. Quite the contrast to the way us tourists experience the island, something that definitely pains the heart to see. What these simple people lacked materially, however, they certainly made up for in courtesy and friendliness.  Nothing like a little perspective. That, plus its beaches, peaceful with crystal blue waters, definitely made this travel for the soul.  

General Information:

Continental Airlines
Bimini Island Air

Bimini Bay Resort & Marina – North Bimini
Condo units and private homes available for rental or ownership.
Bimini Sands Resort & Marina – South Bimini

Beachfront at Bimini Bay Resort & Marina.  So peaceful.

Photo by CCPerez. Copyright © June 2009 Connie Perez. All rights reserved.

Infinity Pool, Bimini Bay Resort & Marina

Photo by CCPerez. Copyright © June 2009 Connie Perez. All rights reserved.

The sunsets are all unique and all breathtaking.

Photo by CCPerez. Copyright © June 2009 Connie Perez. All rights reserved.

Happy travels my friends!


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  1. These fabulous journeys the Perez family shares with us are so very enjoyable and truly inspiring. They take us to places we may never get to otherwise and allow us to experience the beauty and serenity and joy through all of their senses captured on their awesome photos. THANKS! Boop

  2. The Perez family restores my faith that, despite all signs to the contrary, the family unit is alive and well. Indeed, it is thriving and what a blessing that is.