Good Monday morning…and a good week to all.

        During my class on Saturday, one of my students asked me if I ever hear God’s voice.  I said, “No, not literally.”  My student then asked how I can know what God wants from me then.  One thing about teaching religion to a bunch of contemporary teenagers eager to share their incredulity and common sense objections – – it’s challenging.  Above all, it forces an awakening in me like no other; an awareness of that faith that lies within me, as I ask myself their same questions.

        Do I really believe I’m good enough to hear God’s voice everyday?  No.  Do I believe the Lord is big enough to get through to me, to get past my blind spots, to overcome my doubts, and show me His way?  Yes.  That is what I bank on every second of my life.  

        Have a good week everybody.  +


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