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I received the email below from my cousin this morning. I ask that you join me in prayer for her intentions, and thank you for your support.

——– Original Message ——– Subject: prayer From: emoy torres <> Date: Mon, October 19, 2009 7:16 am To: Connie Perez <>

Hey Connie,

I was trying to post this prayer request on your website, but I was having difficulty loading that page… anyhow… I would like to request a prayer for my husband Tony. As you already now, he has major heart issues.. About 9 years ago they told him that he may eventually need a heart transplant, well although he has been extremely well…after 3 pacemakers in the process, it is now time to go back to SHANDS and evaluate again. We are going up to SHANDS tomorrow for an all day evaluation. I pray that he continues to be stable and I ask that you post a prayer request for him and I, so that we stay strong in whatever the results are. I will keep you posted on the results. It may take a few days, but i will inform you.

Have a great week.

Blessings, xoxoxo




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  1. Dear Connie,

    Thank you for your overwhelming response and prayers. You’ve got quite a network.

    I will keep you posted.


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