Days like yesterday…

Days like yesterday are one of the many reasons why I live in South Florida – – mid-November, 82 degrees, mild breeze, not a cloud in the sky, and plenty of outdoor adventure to take advantage of.  Even though we live near some beautiful bike trails by the ocean, the Shark Valley trail in Everglades National Park has become our favorite Sunday morning ride.  Pick your pace, slow or fast, no matter, this trail is always relaxing, and yet…not a dull moment.  Some days we ride it faster than others   : )   ……

ride1Photo by CCPerez. Copyright © November 2009. All rights reserved.

ride2Photo by CCPerez. Copyright © November 2009. All rights reserved.

ride6Photo by CCPerez. Copyright © November 2009. All rights reserved.

        But like I said, November in South Florida……ahhhhhh….


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  1. Man! He would have made several pair of really nice boots! And a matching satchel … or three or four. Yikes! It was lovely weather though. I prefer the thrilling sport known as … gardening! Give me potting soil, terracotta pots, a fern or two and flats of flowers and, oh, the adrenaline rush! Ah, the thrill of waking up early and getting to Home Depot or Lowe’s before the weekend warriors descend! Wooohooo!

  2. WOW, now that’s a pretty flat horizon…except for the gator encounter, and we have biked there, too. Here in the Cumberland Plateau in TN, NOTHING is flat…bluffs, caverns, mountains, caves, etc., but then we don’t see many gators either 😉

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