Ready to Grow in Holiness?

I know, big title. Don’t be afraid though. Read on. We think “holiness” is synonymous with perfection, and when we read or hear the word we can’t help but feel discouraged, understandably so. Immediately we think that being holy involves much Christian activity, weekly attendance to mass, praying many rosaries, etc. etc. At least that’s what I thought for a long time, but the more I live, the more I learn, because it’s about much more than that. Evidently, it is a matter of having our heart transformed into a heart of love.

A few days ago I came across a particular quote for the second time in my life which strikes a chord only now. First time was a few years ago when a close friend sent it to me. Goes to show sometimes you’re not ready until God says you’re ready. For me these words are the roadmap to holiness. I share them here in case God thinks you are ready:

“One of the important ways of growing in holiness is looking to see whom God has placed us in relationship with to love, and then loving them as Christ loves us. The road to holiness leads us to serve our families, our friends, our relatives, our neighbors, our coworkers – the people God put us with in our daily lives.

As we grow in holiness, we will be less likely to take offense and more likely to be the one who bridges the gap when there is tension and pressure in relationships. We will be less likely to fall into dissension and rivalry. We will be more able to hang in there, loving when things get difficult. We become more capable of being…the one who forgives again and again. We become more able to love even when we are not being loved in return, to give even when we are not receiving anything back. We become more capable of acting out of compassion when we notice opportunities for doing good that are not strictly our responsibility.” – Ralph Martin

I believe we are all called to holiness, we just think of it as impossible to attain so we don’t bother with the challenge. After all, perfection is inconceivable if left to our own resources, don’t you agree? But don’t we know that with God all things are possible? Especially our transformation. May well just be that the secret to holiness begins with looking at the people God puts in our lives and throwing their way some real love. What a concept! Ready to grow in holiness?



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  1. SIGH! Understand the concept,have SUCH a difficult time executing it. But I’m trying, I’m trying! Remember a couple of weeks ago I texted you saying I’d just had a “Connie Moment” after speaking with my sister? Well, this hit the mark. Perfectly. Beautiful post, amiga. I am truly happy and blessed to have you as a friend. So … when are you writing that book???

  2. My life motto has always been, and will continue to be, to follow the Golden Rule…”Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” And showing love for everyone in your life is where it all starts. Thanks, Connie, for another very meaningful message.

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