So faith, hope, LOVE remain… — 15 Comments

  1. Connie: Happy “V” Day! Yes, Love transcends all adversity. I pass a church on my way to work every day and they have a prominent, large sign in front of the building with words of wisdom on it, which changes once a week. So, today the words read: “Love” is the only force that can make enemies into friends. Thought I’d just pass that tidbit over to you, as well. I hope your Valentine’s Day is as “special” as you are to me and everyone else!!!

    Miss you,

  2. Much love to you, too, Connie! Thank you for keeping me in this loop – your words and thoughts and ponderings are so inspiring to me and often, just when I need it!!! Love, Theresa

  3. The greatest of these is love. I’d love to tattoo that on some people’s foreheads. Then again, that wouldn’t be very nice, now, would it. Sigh. Happy (late, late, lately I’m always late!) Valentine’s Day, amiga! Sending lots of good thoughts, prayers, love and hugs to you and your lovely familia! Have not baked brownies in a looooong time. Actually, last time I baked ’em, I used this newfangled pan that bakes them already sliced. So, I had to taste them, you know, to make sure they all tasted good …

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