Guest Post: A lesson in faith

A guest post by my friend Lucrecia Lozano —

With so much talk of the tragedy in Newtown last week, it’s hard to shield your kids from hearing about it. As most of you know my kids are 7 and 9. Sure enough yesterday the kids were sharing how they were scared of going to school today because of what they’ve heard, and because they had heard threats had been made about today. Earlier that day some of my friends had shared that they were not going to send their kids to their corresponding schools today. They had encouraged me to make the same decision. There are rumors of threats of more attacks on schools by people who believe the world will end today anyway. I discussed it with Noel and we decided, mostly for the sake of my sanity, that they would not go to school today.

Last night before going to bed our oldest came up to us and shared how he had decided to deal with his fear. He had taken his bible and looked at a section it brings called “verses to look up when…”. He looked in the one titled “scared” and looked up Joshua 1:9 – Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go”. We praised him for turning to God when he has a problem and said that we still had chosen for them not to go to school today.

This morning when I woke up my youngest the first words out of his mouth were, “Mami I want to go to school today, I want to be with my friends and I know God is going to take care of me”. I was speechless at the certainty with which he said it. It brought to mind “lest you have faith like a child”. We got them up, helped them get ready, and I kissed them as they went out the door.

My kids taught me today that I certainly can’t be there protecting them at all times, but I can instead continue to teach them about the one that IS with them at all times. I have to continue to pray for wisdom to instill in them the knowledge that they can turn to God for any problem they may have, regardless of how scary it seems. I’m trying to apply the lesson they’ve taught me by sharing this with you while they are away from me, instead of after I’ve picked them up and once again close by. It’s my way of honoring their faith.


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  1. That was so beautiful. I hope to one day have kids that have faith in God as much as yours do. It’s very touching and inspiring. I look up to parents like yourself and mine as well.

  2. Lucrecia’s post should be broadcast around the world…it is that powerful! It brings an overwhelming peace to an unacceptable and confusing event. Many thanks to her beautiful children.

  3. Beautiful post. That is one smart little boy, a lovely and faith-filled family. I agree with Betty, this post should be broadcast around the world. Sometimes it is faith and faith alone that keeps us moving forward. Wishing everyone a peaceful, blessed Christmas.

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