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Bright Idea – I now carry a copy of Scenes Everlasting in my purse. For when I’m waiting in line, anywhere. Like today, for instance, I pulled into the drive-through at McDonald’s for a LARGE caramel latte. The person ahead of me was perusing the menu as if it held the Secrets of the Universe, 15 minutes later … still perusing. No, I did not honk my horn. No, I did not pull out my (imaginary) AK47. I just blissfully read my book and when he FINALLY decided which gourmet tidbit to purchase, I calmly ordered my latte … I also keep a copy on my desk at the office. The better to thwap people over the head with (in my imagination, but still quite satisfying). Get yours at – Scenes Everlasting and Other Essays

– Barbie R.                                    51Mb7UYb2mLSY344PJlook_inside_v2TopRight10SH20BO1204203200


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