Thankful Thursdays

For thoughts and prayers. – Last week, a group of very passionate kids started a movement in response to the Parkland shootings. That’s great, I love to see impassioned youth involved in something other than video games and texting. Especially involved in something as important as this. As a concerned citizen of this world and, most of all, a horrified parent, I agree that there exists a need to fix a gun law system that is flawed.

In the process, however, many of these young individuals, along with some high-profile adults, are claiming “thoughts and prayers do nothing” and “solve nothing” in this regard. This is where I think they miss the mark and are highly confused. At least I’d like to think they are confused and not being mislead. Because the heartfelt thoughts and prayers many people have been sending out since this tragedy occurred are not meant to “solve” the shootings of innocent people or to “fix” laws. The actions to come will work toward that end, hopefully. Rather, they are meant to heal and comfort those left grieving and to lift to heaven those souls lost. And I fear that this activist group’s claim, now entangled in its efforts to push for change, will further along the lack of faith and God in this country and, especially, in our youth’s lives.

This morning I saw “Thoughts and Prayers Do Nothing” t-shirts selling online. While I understand the frustration involved in all of this, as a believer who has experienced first-hand the power of thoughts and prayers, the cynicism exhibited by these young minds, is unsettling. And it saddens me.

“Faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead.” [James 2:16]. True. Much action is called for in this world, and I hope these kids understand, sooner rather than later, that faith is meant to be our initial response and our starting place, and focus their energy and message on the issue at hand. They have a real chance here to make a difference. I hope they do. And so, much thought and prayer should go out to them.

For thoughts and prayers, today and always, I am thankful.


“Pray to catch the bus, then run as fast as you can.”
J. Cameron

“Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” – Billy Graham


Thankful Thursdays — 5 Comments

  1. I was also saddened every time I heard one of those teens speaking out and stating “we don’t need” or “we don’t want your thoughts and prayers.” It’s troubling that they are spreading the word that prayers do nothing. That is so far from the truth…

    So fitting that you quoted Billy Graham. He spent a lifetime spreading God’s word. Yesterday, he left this world and got to see Jesus face to face. So sad for those he has left behind but his legacy will live on.

  2. Distractions always hinder the message. It happens in every tragedy. Hopefully, a real solution will come out of the President’s Town Hall where emotions were raw, unscripted and solutions offered to end these tragedies. I pray God’s light guides them.

  3. GOD is everything in our lives and our home. It’s time to bring back GOD into our schools, it’s free and does not cost tax payers a penny.

  4. Where would our country be without God, prayers and faith? It’s truly sad that our youth is being stirred away from God, it’s our duty to continue and share our thoughts, prayers and faith.

  5. I think those kids are tired of politicians, in all parties, yammering about thoughts and prayers while raking in money from special interest groups. That being said, I also think it IS high time to bring God back into our schools. Not a particular religion, mind you, but God, the Father, the Creator. Because putting all religion and particular beliefs aside, we all worship and believe in the same God. He is One. We are ALL sisters and brothers. We don’t act it, but we are. In speaking with a co-worker last week about the shootings, I told her “You take God out of the equation, you take respect for the flag out of the equation, you take the nuclear family out of the equation, all because they offended someone? This is the result. Chaos.” I believe if someone, criminal or not, is hell bent on acquiring a weapon, they WILL find a way to get one. Because we live in an entitled society. We live in a world where if I want something, I must have it. Consequences are a non-issue. While I also believe one should be able to bear arms to protect one’s self and family, I do not believe assault weapons designed for war should be sold to the general public. Let alone a kid. This kid had red flags all over the place. Does that excuse his reprehensible actions? Absolutely not. And, true, thoughts and prayers will not bring the victims back, nor will they heal the survivors’ physical and mental wounds any quicker. But I would tell these kids that in times like these it is Faith, Prayer and Action that keep one grounded and able to continue. So, faith and prayer ARE needed. So very very much. I also believe if we had politicians with morals and ethics, maybe just maybe some modicum of progress might be made. But instead we have, on BOTH sides of the coin, those who ultimately render tribute not to God but to profit. And they use these kids as pawns. A house divided will ultimately fall. We have to stop the divisiveness and work together as AMERICANS. Not Democrats or Republicans, conservative or liberal, but AMERICANS. And stop the finger pointing. Respect each other. Love and care for and about each other. Because when those bullets start flying, everyone’s blood flows the same.

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