Thankful Thursdays

For the family group chat. I was just cleaning out my phone and reading some of the texts in our family group chat going back months…messages that range from significant discussions to random nonsense, but most of which are hilarious. These conversations which are frequently accompanied by photos, gifs, memes and bitmojis, have, for the most part, kept us apprised of our comings and goings in this hurried world in which we live. At times, it serves almost as a “virtual dinner table” (as I heard someone refer to it recently), especially on those days when we find it difficult to coincide at our actual table. Our exchanges are also quite entertaining, I must say. I could probably make a book out of our chat material. But won’t. Or maybe I will, depends on how you kids behave. [Threat implied, Lauren and Danny]

In case you’re wondering, yes, our kids occasionally do get irritated if what’s being discussed in the chat does not directly involve them, but that’s when we parental units enjoy the conversation the most. What a great chance to annoy them, don’t you parents agree? And don’t get me wrong, both of us try to instill in our kids the importance of oral communication, and our preference to chat with them in person or via a phone call, not only for the intimate feel of it, but for the survival of their social skills, too. But let’s face it, some things just cannot wait until the end of the day. They are just too funny.

The irrelevant, the important, the tone-filled, the encouraging, the funny, etc., all make up our family group chat on a daily basis, along the lines recording some very goofy but priceless moments. For this virtual dinner table, today (and while technology facilitates it) I am thankful.

Remember, don’t text and drive (not simultaneously anyway). And don’t get me started about text grammar, please.

Anyway, until next Thursday’s post…si Dios quiere.

What are you thankful for today?

“Was that semi-colon some kind of flirty wink or just bad punctuation?”
-A. Aalai


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  1. Welcome to the “tech world,” and it is so reassuring that you are instilling one-to-one family communication whether spoken or digital….and making it fun and memorable…good grammar or otherwise!! I, too, have to learn all that “lingo” just to keep up with my grandkids! 😉 Boop

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