Thankful Thursdays

Thankful for 2018.

Challenging year? You bet! But as this year comes to an end and a new one soon begins, let’s raise our glasses and make a toast to every blessing we’ve been showered with in 2018.

Being able to share another 52 Thankful Thursdays with you has been among mine. Thank you for your e-mails, texts, and post comments.

Family and friends, in 2019, let’s remember to cherish each second and, most of all, to spend lots and lots of time with those we love.

And here’s a New Year’s resolution for all of us: GET GRATEFUL!

Wishing all of you a wonderful, safe, and happy New Year’s Eve, and a blessings-filled 2019.

What are you thankful for today?

Until next year’s post…si Dios quiere.

Lord, as the New Year dawns today,
      Help me to put my faults away.
      Let me be big in little things;
      Grant me the joy which friendship brings;
      Keep me from selfishness and spite,
      Let me be wise to what is right.
A Happy New Year! grant that I
      May cause no tear to any eye.
      When this new year in time shall end,
      Let it be said: “I’ve played the friend,
      Have lived and loved and labored here
      And made of it a happy year.”
-Edgar Guest


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  1. Connie….LOVED your beautiful post….and the equally beautiful quote by Edgar Guest. I am truly thankful for all of my family and friendships and blessings and even the trials and tribulations which I have had to face over the years, cuz that has made me the “Boop” that I am! Happy and Blessed New Year to All!! Boop

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