Thankful Thursdays

For morning drives.

They’re so much more than transportation. It’s that time of day when we head out to live our purpose. Be it to work (okay let’s not think traffic for one moment) or on a road trip to somewhere magical; be it by car or train or bus or bicycle, morning drives are a daily routine for so many of us. But other than getting us from point A to point B, what do our morning drives mean to us?

Mine often question whether I’ll make a difference in someone’s life that day, or if I’ll learn something new, or teach something old. And between those thoughts and the honking, regardless of where I’m off to, I remind myself that it suits me best to love where I’m headed.

I pray we all have many more morning drives. For the one I got today, I am thankful.

What are you thankful for?

Until next Thursday’s post…si Dios quiere.

“Nothing is so rewarding than the patience that you take to go over the ramps of life. They may slow you down, but you are an unstoppable hero. Keep driving!”
-I. Ayivor

“Living is like driving,” my grandmother used to say. “You have to pick a lane.” Have I chosen the right lane?
-K. Flinn



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