Thankful Thursdays

For time to prepare.

I think those of us living in hurricane-prone areas can be thankful for advances in predicting the course of these storms.  New technology in satellite imagery and computer modeling is making it possible for meteorologists to alert us with ample time, so we can secure our homes and go out and get our waters, batteries, and non-perishable foods (a/k/a junk food  😉 ).

Wishing everyone in the path of Dorian safe and healthy days ahead. For time to prepare, we should be grateful.

What are you thankful for today?

Until next Thursday’s post…si Dios quiere.

“Two things Florida can teach the other 49 states: how to make a good margarita and how to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane.”
-T. Feeney    

“I’m always amazed at how ‘We The People’ come together to assist one another during Hurricane Season or any other calamity. The beauty of human compassion always staggers me and reminds me of how divine we truly are. However, It shouldn’t take a disaster, natural or otherwise, to remind us of our collective humanity.” 
-S. Newby

“Most politicians are like hurricanes. They know their path and their destination. Woe to anyone standing on their way!”
-B. Habyarimana
(Couldn’t resist)

“Without God, my internal compass is something more akin to a windmill in a hurricane.”
-C.D. Lounsbrough 

A storm-less view from my porch.


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  1. Hi Connie, Thank you for yet another beautiful message…..quotes…..and photo. With Dorian fast approaching, I pray everyone stays safe through the storm…. Boop

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