Thankful Thursdays

These winds and breezes, wow…and in November no less! I can hear the whistling and rustling sound from inside the house, and it just adds to the crazy feel of this year. Just yesterday, as I sat outside watching the swaying dance of the palm trees, I thought about how important it is to be flexible. Especially now.

This year we’ve been forced to deviate in a big way, and for those of us who are not fond of big change, dealing with the new limitations on everyday life during quarantine and this “new normal” we’re experiencing, has been somewhat of a frustrating task.

However, one upside, and surely there are several, is that we’ve been forced to awaken our resting (or in some cases, rusting) skills. Like being flexible and adaptable, for instance. Something we don’t usually kick into high gear while life is steady and constant. But now we have, and for those who have been receptive to this, the sailing has been smoother.

So I say, let’s make like a palm tree and be flexible, people, and thank God for infusing in us the willingness to accept change.

Speaking of winds and breezes, I dedicate this post to the people of Central America who have been devastated by the last two hurricanes. Our prayers are with them.

What are you thankful for today?

Until next Thursday’s post…si Dios quiere.

“Blessed are the flexible for they will not allow themselves to become bent out of shape!”
-R. Ludlum

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