Guest Post: Grateful

Tears in my eyes, smile on my face, memories flashing in my head, heart beating…. This is a guest post by my good friend. I wanted to share it because it is my story, my sentiment, as well. And it is the … Continue reading

Guest Post: Where have our leaders gone?

A guest post by my friend, and blog contributor, Barbie Rodriguez: I have tried and totally failed to stay out of the political arena. I do not like politics. I do not understand politics. I do NOT trust politics, politicians, … Continue reading

Guest Post: My Friend is Home

Here’s a guest post by my old friend Barbie Rodriguez, written after the recent loss of her friend. This one brought it home for me on various levels. I hope it touches you as well.
My friend is Home. I have been trying to write this for a few days now. Today is the 4th of July, later I will watch the fireworks with my neighbors and their kids, we’ll munch…

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Guest Post: A lesson in faith

A guest post by my friend Lucrecia Lozano —
With so much talk of the tragedy in Newtown last week, it’s hard to shield your kids from hearing about it. As most of you know my kids are 7 and 9. Sure enough yesterday the kids were sharing how they were scared of going to school today because of what….

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Guest Post: Good Grief!

Good grief! Halloween is not even close and they are already putting Christmas merchandise out, REALLY? True, stores need to make money and yatta, yatta, yatta, but come on, isn’t this just a little heavy-handed? Not to mention, it…

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Guest Post: The Feast

Once upon a time there was a King. The King was a good and kind, and generous King. The day came when the King was to give a feast for his son. The King planned a grand and fabulous feast in celebration of his Son. The King’s servants

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Guest Post: On Faith and Change

Like a very dear friend, I hate change. This stems from all the changes my family went through when I was a child. Leaving Cuba, going to Mexico, then Panama (where we spent a few hellish months). Flying to Miami, Florida and on to Los Angeles, California. A few years later…

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Guest Post: Jamaican Patties and Café con Leche

Ah, it’s here again. The season of joy and hope, peace and love. And of people being frazzled, short of time and money, stressing over finding just the “right” present for that most special person in their life. Commercial bombarding has started too: “Show them…

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Guest Post: Lent, a Time for Celebration?

~ by Candie Suarez ~
Lent has arrived. For Catholics this is a time of prayer, fasting and giving alms. However, many people do not observe this sabbatical from self-indulgences. Actually, for Catholics it is

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