Thankful Thursdays

For beginnings. This has been quite an emotional week for us Cubans and anyone whose life has been affected in one way or another by the tyrant that Castro was. This week we celebrate not his death but the beginning … Continue reading

Words that stir the heart.

Can you believe it’s Ash Wednesday? Time’s flying! And this season of Lent will come and go in a blink. Let’s not let it go by without making it a time of spiritual renewal. So much happening in the world, so … Continue reading

Farewell, 2014!

What a year it’s been!  As I look back on 2014 and its many memorable moments, it’s not so much the experiences I had that will stick with me, but how they touched me and made me feel. This year, … Continue reading

As promised…

Here’s the video of the Books & Books event.  Again, thank you all for your support and company.  A special thanks to my editor, Betty Bottomley, who made it in time all the way from Tennessee!  To my nephew, Ralph, for a … Continue reading

A Dream of a Night

Words are simply not enough. Truly. But a huge and heart-felt THANK YOU to everyone who encouraged, supported, and participated in my book project, and attended the book signing event yesterday — family and friends from near and far.
It was a wonderful night and we had an amazing turnout! Here are a couple of pictures. More pictures and a video will be posted soon….

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I see violet, I smell incense.

The holiest of Wednesdays must be near. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the season during which we prepare to behold God’s sacrifice for us. A time to be quiet and still; to clear the mind, to focus, to recharge. To get in tune with His love and find the peace and hope that we so often let escape from us. I so need this. I can’t wait to be halfway into this precious season and say, “Yup, I feel Lent-y.” ♥ ….

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A Moment of Contorted Introspection

I did it! Finally. I prepared our estate papers. Wills, last wishes, directives, etc. We had been putting it off since forever. This is the sort of thing one should take care of the minute one becomes a parent, at least. But who likes to? Stupidly, one tends to think it would be like jinxing life. But, in reality, we take care of these things so our kids don’t have to go crazy later. Well, okay, more like a last ditch attempt at forcing them to do things our way. But let’s not tell them that, okay?
It wasn’t a process we enjoyed, especially …

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Church for me hasn’t always been fun.

As some of you know, my hubby and I reached our 25th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. We celebrated by renewing our vows during a lovely Mass given by our long-time priest and friend. We had our family and close friends there, and our children stood by us as the two of us restated the promises that bound us together a day long ago. As I sat through the Mass and listened to our Pastor’s touching and (eloquently) funny words about us, our marriage, and our family through the years, I thought about the countless…

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