…and unto dust you shall return

For those moments when I think I’m all that and that I will live forever: holy ashes.
Ashes to remind me that I came from dust and that to dust I shall return, no matter what, and that I’d better make sure that whatever I do in-between makes me worthy of eternal life. That’s what I call a thumbfull-of-ashes with a message….

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United we stand, divided we fall…still

While discussing politics yesterday (hard not to as much as I try), my friend mentioned a blog post I published three years ago about the divisive state of our country during that time. I went back and re-read the post: United We Stand, Divided We Fall. And, well, if I were to…

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Keep the Pieces Coming

Some days, today being one of those , I’m reminded how God moves me like a puzzle piece. Ready or not. Into every job, every trial, every experience, and life of every person I meet. Slowly forming each chapter of my life. Some … Continue reading

Like I said…

…nothing like a picture to put you back in a “moment.”
Last night my friend Wally (thank you Wally!) posted a picture on my Facebook wall from that incredible day back in ’86…

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Maybe it’s less about forgiveness…

“that is because you have not allowed yourself to forgive me.” Words that stick. And nothing cues me to philosophize like words that stick. When do you know when you have forgiven someone? And for what exactly? While giving it … Continue reading

I don’t think He wants our chocolate.

Every year I look forward to Lent. Although I could (and should) do it throughout the year, the 40 days before Easter are a meaningful way for me to slow down and reevaluate. And boy do I need to slow down and reevaluate! At no other time…

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A Matter of Inconvenience

As of the start of this writing, what I’m feeling is disappointment. I trust by the time I post it I will feel differently. The last couple of days though, whole other story. Earlier this week, my son was rear ended by a teenager obviously not paying attention…

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Simply, thank you.

It’s been over 7 years since I first started sharing tidbits of writings with my closest allies, despite doubting anyone would be interested in what I thought or had to say. It was the surprising feedback I received that prompted … Continue reading