My wish for you…

My dearest family and friends, another year of precious life has gone by. I take this moment to wish all of you wonderful days ahead. Days filled with health, happiness, love, peace, prosperity, good company and lots of laughter…

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Once upon a time I was a princess – and then I woke up.

As Thanksgiving nears every year and I begin to be more in tune with gratefulness (I should be this “in tune” year round), I always think back to the time period that changed my life forever – those years of missionary work….

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Bittersweet Godinkidinks

Life is ironic I often say. And nothing like irony to set me straight. Because nothing happens by coincidence. It seems these bittersweet synchronicities that are peppered over my life are God’s way of showing me…

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In life as you want out of life…

  ‎If you appreciate honesty be sincere.If you welcome attention give of your time.If you grasp the meaning of value express gratitude.If you want respect be considerate.If you long for understanding be compassionate.If you treasure loyalty be true.If you hope … Continue reading

Sunday Warriors

I read recently that “…many believers are Sunday warriors and Monday whiners.” That we talk a good talk on Sunday in church but that on Monday, when it’s time to “walk the talk” we faint at the slightest test. So … Continue reading

…no better hands.

Mid-July and a few of my friends are getting ready to ship out their kids to college very soon. One as early as this week – my best friend of thirty years, Esther, heads to Embry-Riddle tomorrow with my goddaughter. I know…

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Life Rhythms

As I pressed my ear to my son’s chest I was momentarily taken back to that magical day when I heard his heartbeat for the first time. That surreal moment when I realized life was inside me, once again. I will never forget that….

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Just A Game You Say?

Hey Dad, can you feel it? First pitch, organ playing, 7th-inning stretch, warm weather. [Sniff, sniff…] I smell baseball in the air. Opening Day is tomorrow! Okay so I’m a fan. Those of you who aren’t,…

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