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For over a century now, films have left their mark on the world. And some affect us. Those that have the ability to engage our emotions and imagination, and inspire us or distress us. Films with characters who seize the day with their enthusiam and spirit, or with underdogs who lift us with their courage and decency. Or those with characters who amuse us, or disgust us, or whose roles depict the darkness of human condition. They may not necessarily be award winning films or high gross earning films, but they are films that are worthwhile on a different level — they have a lasting impact.

Check out this list of movies. Click on them to read about them and view trailers.

It’s a Wonderful Life

The Passion of the Christ

Schindler’s List

Life as a House

Field of Dreams


An Unfinished Life


Finding Neverland

In Her Shoes

October Sky

What Dreams May Come

More suggestions to come in future posts.


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