Guest Post: Where have our leaders gone?

A guest post by my friend, and blog contributor, Barbie Rodriguez:

I have tried and totally failed to stay out of the political arena. I do not like politics. I do not understand politics. I do NOT trust politics, politicians, anything even remotely having to do with politics. But at least, a long time ago, I respected certain political officials, or the positions they held. I respected the President. I respected that title. I may not have agreed with some of our Presidents, but by God, we had leaders. We had leaders that stepped up at a moment of crisis, faced the nation, spoke to the people, let us know the situation was being handled. But now? Now we get mouthpieces that drone on about a “cautious approach” and “delicate situations” and “we must proceed carefully.” We are no longer respected, we are perceived as weak. When the situation in Ferguson was going on the President addressed the nation, the Attorney General visited, the National Guard was called in. There were marches, demonstrations, protests. A few weeks ago, journalist James Foley was killed by cowards who cover their faces. Today another American journalist, Steven Sotloff, was slaughtered. Where are the protests, the demonstrations, the marches? Where is the outrage? I ask, again, where have our leaders gone?

Remember the Iran hostage crisis? The failed rescue mission, when they tore our guys apart and paraded their bodies through the streets? Remember what happened when Reagan was elected President? As he was taking office, the hostages were released. A lot of people may not have liked him, but we sure as hell were respected. So, I ask yet again, where have our leaders gone?

What is happening to us as a country? We have become so divided along party lines we have forgotten we are first and foremost AMERICANS. We need to present a united front, to come together, like we did on a terrible day in September 2001. I pray it does not take another hideous day to once more unite us as a nation. We are AMERICANS, we do not back down, we do not cower, we do not run, we do not hide. When others are running out, we are running in to save the day. We may not be perfect, but we are the greatest, the best. We face our enemies, be they foreign or homegrown, we do not hide behind scarves, masks, among innocents. If the terrorists have a message for us, rest assured we have one for them. At least, I pray we do.

Until next time, be blessed, be safe and pray, the world needs prayer.

The world needs prayer indeed. Thanks, Barbie.



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